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Southern Connecticut State University

I first met Mr. Bollier through two colleagues of mine, with whom I worked at a local hospital. It was during that association that I became aware of his commitment to…new and impressive ideas…relative to the promotion and sustenance of health. I was impressed with his knowledge of…concepts related to the maintenance of individual well-being. Subsequently, I hired Mr. Bollier as an adjunct professor at my university where he helped in the formulation and conduct of graduate health courses. He was always well prepared, cognizant of referred journals…and was well received by our students.
I know Mr. Bollier to be a person of personal integrity, ethical character and I trust him implicitly. I would not hesitate to hire him again and recommend him with no reservation…

Jerry Ainsworth
Jerry L. Ainsworth Ed.D., MPH
Professor Emeritus

Southern Connecticut State University

Mr. Bollier has been a guest speaker numerous times at Southern Connecticut State University. He has spoken in three classes: Holistic Health (undergraduate class), School Health Intervention (graduate class), and Nutrition Education (graduate class). He always brings with him research articles that support his knowledge of the subject he is presenting. The most important role he plays is as an educator. His presentation is clear, logical, up to date, and very knowledgeable. These are the qualities of a great presenter. I strongly recommend him as a speaker on wellness.

Doris Marino
Doris M. Marino, MPH, PhD
Coordinator, School Health Education Program

New Haven Police Academy

Dennis Bollier has been under contract with the New Haven Police Department to educate on the importance of, and the steps necessary in taking a more responsible, proactive role in optimizing their own health, as well as their families. Topics covered in the lesson plans included behavior modification in diet, eating right for increased energy, the importance of eating nutrient dense foods, maximizing long term health, improving lean body mass and improving one’s bio markers of aging. The Division of Training and Education view this material as an important resource in creating a better level of health for our valued personnel. We also see this work as having potential benefit for other Police and Fire Departments, as well as any other employers who are concerned about good health. We expect this overall effort to have a significant and positive effect on absenteeism, and reduce it’s commensurate cost as a bottom line figure in our budget, thereby freeing up those financial resources for appropriation in other, more beneficial areas. I, along with the New Haven Police Department, have been fortunate to have benefited from his knowledge, deeply appreciate his work with us, and highly recommend his services to others.

Sergeant Nicholas Proto
Sergeant Nicholas Proto
Executive Officer
New Haven Police Department
Division of Training and Education

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