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EHM Founder, Dennis BollierDennis Bollier, Founder and CEO

Dennis Bollier graduated from the University of Bridgeport School of Business in 1966 with an emphasis in Economics, Marketing and Management.  After college he volunteered in the Army during the Vietnam era and served as an Air Traffic Controller.  He then enjoyed a short time working as a high school teacher.  From there, Dennis spent seven years as an airline pilot, becoming a young captain for the nation’s largest regional carrier.  He went on to venture into the world of business and has accomplishments in finance, management, joint ventures, real estate development, and startup business consulting.  In Corporate America, he spent thirteen years in Customer Service with a major international corporation in the development and evaluation of employee skills and work performance.  He later founded a real estate investment firm in the Boston area, and grew his company to several million dollars in net assets in its first six years.

Throughout his life Dennis has also made a careful study of health, healing, supplement research, and lifestyle choices, with the goal of how all these play into longevity.  He has lectured widely on the subjects, and has been interviewed on both radio and TV.  In the mid 90’s he was consulted in the formation and was a founding member of the American Nutraceutical Association.  The purpose of this credentialed group of professionals at the time was to ignore clever, convincing product marketing, and instead focus solely on the objective validation of innovative supplement science.  With his background in health, he served as a guest lecturer, and subsequently as an Adjunct Professor of Graduate Studies, School of Public Health at a Connecticut University.

Since 1985, he has applied his varied experience into mentoring others as they develop proactive plans to improve their true health potentials, and in getting them on their way in their individual fields of endeavor.  He was personally fulfilled in volunteering his time for several years to address the obesity crisis in inner city families, in support of a large church network based in Harlem, NY.  In 2015, Dennis was invited to address a small gathering at the United Nations, focusing on childhood malnutrition.  In another way of giving back, Dennis was recently honored to have been elected to serve on the Alumni Board at his Alma Matter.

Dennis now draws upon his varied business, teaching, health and personal development backgrounds in heading Employee Health Matters, LLC. The consulting group is an affiliation of health care professionals and educators providing client companies and municipalities with valued information and guidance in the promising new area of proactive health. With a small investment, a company’s employees and their families are taught outcome-based wellness strategies designed to reduce health benefit costs, improve job presence and workplace productivity, increase employee value, elevate employee morale, and better position the client as the “Employer of Choice.” The motto of Employee Health Matters is “Adding Employee Health into the Profit Equation.”

His personal mantra has long been, “There is nothing more fundamental nor more elemental as the responsibility for one’s own health.” Dennis is a Connecticut native. His wife serves as an Assistant Attorney General in the state, is a published author of law books, and works as an Adjunct Professor of Law and English. Together they have two children, one is a corporate accountant, and the other a university student.

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