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berniestillframeDr. Bernie Siegel – Distinguished Honorary Advisor and Program Content Contributor  When Bernie (as he prefers to be called) first saw the unique mission and vision of Employee Health Matters, his immediate response to our founder was: “I want to participate.”  Bernie retired in 1989 from his surgical practice and from his work as an assistant clinical professor at Yale in general and pediatric surgery.  He then became a prolific author and internationally renowned speaker in empowering new methods of healing the mind, body and spirit.  He shines a bright light on how open mindedness, personal empowerment, and better lifestyle choices can dramatically enhance healing, and keep us healthy in the first place.  For many, Bernie needs no introduction.  He has touched lives across the globe, and works tirelessly in breaking new ground in healing and through sharing the message of kindness and love.  London’s Watkins Review, established in 1893 and respected authority in areas of the mind, body and spirit, has named Bernie in their top 20 worldwide most noteworthy authors, spiritually influential leaders, and teachers of living a robust, healthy lifestyle.  Bernie’s website, is an inspiring, encyclopedic resource of his life’s work in innovative health empowerment.  We at EHM are deeply honored to have the unique value of our work recognized by such a global luminary.


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Lois A. Krause MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP – Practice Leader, HR Compliance   We place the highest priority on methods that encourage employee participation and follow-through. Lois is a perfect fit in this component of our work. She has held senior HR positions with both domestic and global responsibility.  Given her extensive background in employee relations, compensation and rewards, benefits, performance management, nutrition, and development of wellness programs, Lois is uniquely suited to be our corporate liaison. A business person first, she can develop and implement programs to manage and enrich the human capital of an organization. Lois is a change agent who has developed needed processes on her own, and with teams, to develop and then implement the needed direction, to accomplish acceptance and cooperation with employees. Lois also has experience in workforce strategies such as succession planning, organizational development, regulatory compliance including Affirmative Action Officer, recruitment, and mergers & acquisitions. Well into her third decade in these specialties, Lois has served a wide range of industries including food service, manufacturing, and government, with experience in both union and non-union environments.

Lois holds memberships in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and the Human Resource Association of Central Connecticut (HRACC), where she is currently on their Board of Directors, and serves as co-chairperson on their Community Outreach Committee.  She has been an ISO 9001 and AS9100 Training and Competency Process Owner for multiple businesses. Lois has a BS in Food Science and Management from Pratt Institute where she graduated with honors, and an MBA (HR concentration) from the University of Connecticut.  She is certified in Hogan Personality Assessment tools, and was a graduate of the first class of HRACC’s Strategic Leadership Institute. Lois holds two HR certifications: SPHR certification from the Human Resource Certification Institute, and SHRM-SCP certification through the Society for Human Resource Management.

We are fortunate to have such a highly-credentialed expert see the uniqueness in our value proposition, and now fill an integral affiliate position in our group.



Dr. Dorette Lewis-Senior is a licensed Naturopathic Physician, with offices in Connecticut and New York.  She makes herself available for specific blocks of time at our client locations to dialogue with employees in groups or privately, offering innovative approaches to gaining better health.  She has worked in the field of Holistic Health & Wellness in various settings for over twenty-five years.  She worked her way up from being a Home Care Attendant, to becoming a Registered Nurse, and now to a licensed Physician.
Dr. Lewis-Senior holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale New York, a Master of Science Degree in Acupuncture from The Acupuncture Institute at The University of Bridgeport, and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from The University of Bridgeport – College of Naturopathic Medicine.  She also holds certifications as an Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Specialist, and as a Certified Medical Thermographer.  Dr. Lewis-Senior successfully completed the following four internships: at the Lincoln Hospital Drug Detoxification Center in New York, then at Connecticut’s Yale-Griffin Integrative Center, and finally at both Greenwich and Waterbury Hospitals in Connecticut.  In her specialty of women’s health, her skills include the use of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, herbal medicines, homeopathy, nutrition and Medical Thermography.  She and her husband Dr. Derek Senior co-founded their practice, DRS2 HEALTH, and share time between their offices in New York and Connecticut.  She is also involved with the Park Avenue Medical Center in Trumbull, CT- an Integrative Medicine Cancer Support Center.  Dr. Lewis-Senior has long been successful in helping patients with allergies, attention deficit disorder, cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, digestive disorders, and high cholesterol, among many other assorted disease conditions.  She is a compassionate, energetic speaker, is sought after for women’s retreats and other conferences and workshops, and is a popular contributor in multi-media appearances and interviews.  She founded Healing Streams Support Group for Women, a non-profit entity dedicated to the spiritual development and empowerment of women.  She also founded ND Voice Magazine, and The Wellness Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Dr. Lewis-Senior is married and has one daughter.


unnamedCollin Dimler, Content Researcher and Workshop Program Presenter. Collin’s training is in Physician Assistance at Quinnipiac University. This PA program is recognized among the top five in the nation. He was an inductee to the National Alpha Eta Honor Society for Allied Health Professions, and is an active member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, as well as the Connecticut Academy of Physician Assistants. Collin has gained a deep respect for the promise offered in the wholeness of the various integrative health disciplines. As a wrestler of 10 years and wrestling coach for 6 years, he has always cared for the health and wellness of himself and others. He has enjoyed learning and researching the pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment, and most of all prevention of a variety of chronic health conditions. Having completed clinical fieldwork at a medically supervised weight loss clinic, he gained extensive knowledge in the art of motivational interviewing and the science of managing patients with metabolic syndrome. Collin has gained significant leadership experience in coordinating teams in his field of study. He is now motivated to “take on something big”. When first learning the mission of EHM from founder Dennis Bollier, Collin’s immediate response was “count me in”. His knowledge of disease processes, clinical exposure, metrics tracking, and enthusiasm to contribute offer insight and a wondrous energy that we’re excited to share with our clients’ employees.


EHM-Promo-Pix-Dr-P34Dr. Matthew Paterna, Chiropractic Care and Family Wellness Resources.  Dr. Paterna provides health content research and material for our programs.  He has been in private practice since 2004.  In 2011, he was elected by his peers to be the President of the CT State Chiropractic Council.  Dr. Paterna has long been a fixture in the area’s business community, offering numerous workshops and health screenings.  He has a well-earned reputation both locally and nationally as the Chiropractor for two professional sports teams, and as a distinguished speaker, coach and consultant for his profession and colleagues.  He has also served as the Regional Director for the Foundation for Wellness Professionals.  Dr. Paterna founded Shoreline Family Chiropractic & Wellness, which is a community/family based Health & Wellness group, and is located on the West Haven/Milford line. The focus at Shoreline Family Chiropractic & Wellness is providing and restoring optimal health with safe, natural, drugless chiropractic care.  He and his staff specialize in the following areas of Chiropractic: family and child care, pre-natal care, sports injuries, personal injury, and sickness/injury prevention.  Dr. Paterna is a graduate of the University of Bridgeport, College of Chiropractic.  His Degree earned is D.C, Doctor of Chiropractic, May 2004. His undergraduate studies were completed at Loyola University, Baltimore, Maryland, where he earned his Bachelor’s of Business Administration, in 1995.  Dr. Paterna is a devoted husband to his wife of 10 years, Courtney, and a loving father to their two children, Madelyn and Miles.


Kerry Hardy RN, HNB-BC, RMT, CCH – EHM’s Director of Research and Program Implementation. Kerry is a graduate of the UConn School of Nursing, where she was a member of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. She brings to our clients an interesting breadth and depth of experience in various health fields. She has practical experience in disease processes and prevention, with field experience at Norwalk Hospital and St Vincent’s Oncology Department, local nursing homes, and home care agencies, including hospice care. Kerry has gone on to widen her credentialing by becoming Board Certified from the American Holistic Nursing Association. In this promising new field of health, she has gained experience in a variety of Complementary and Integrative Methodologies. Her work in Health Coaching is enhanced by her deep understanding of the benefits of Essential Oils and Nutritional Supplement Science, along with her hands-on experience in healing energy work as a practicing Reiki Master. Kerry has now found her true passion in Family Practice Health by treating the mind, body and spirit as one, and she gains high marks for her contributions and follow-through in supporting improvements in the health of our clients’ employees and their families. Nurse Kerry sits on the Medical Advisory Panel of a large group who’s website is She is available for private consults, or just a quick question regarding any area of family health. She can be reached through her website: Her warm smile along with her sincere love of working with people to improve their health makes her a perfect team manager in our group. She is a Connecticut native and proud mother of four boys.




Sallie T. Czepiel, RD, LDN, CD-N – Wellness Content Research and Coaching Management. Sallie has impressive experience in, and has gained respect through her consulting work in the field of nutrition. She is involved in the development of EHM’s Wellness Program content, and serves our clients’ employees as an Educator and Wellness Coaching Facilitator. As a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Sallie founded Family Nutrition Consultants. Because of her education and experience, she has been sought after by individuals and organizations that are looking for proper guidance in the science of nutrition. Her group has helped clients translate nutrition research and literature into practical information that they can easily implement into their lifestyles, with the goal of establishing healthier outcomes. Sallie is known for her expertise in encouraging clients onto healthier paths, and equally as important, in encouraging compliance, and monitoring their progress. She provides an encyclopedic knowledge of dietetic support and guidance for our client’s employees and families via telephone and email communication. Sallie is involved in researching and developing our scientific content, and in managing and delivering our client programs.



Sheila Tarantino, BS, MS, HC – Holistic Health Coach and Content Researcher.  Sheila earned her Bachelor of Science in Journalism and her Masters in Health Education at Southern Connecticut State University.  She went on to achieve her health coaching certification from the American Association for Drugless Practitioners, through New York’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Prior to becoming associated with Employee Health Matters, LLC, Sheila taught Nutrition, Mental and Emotional Health, and Disease and Drug Prevention classes.  She then went on to specialize in holistic health coaching with individuals and families.  In her practice, she became skilled in assisting clients to identify and set attainable health goals, and then encouraging small steps toward better health, wherever they are on their life’s journey.  She is accomplished at detailed follow-through, keeping clients enthusiastic and on track within specific timelines.  Sheila enjoys staying current on newly published studies, and regularly attends forums offered by top medical professionals who are recognized experts in optimizing health.  Prior to embarking on a career in health, she worked in a variety of positions in radio broadcasting, including morning news producer, and in a journalism role as a field reporter. She is always there to provide health information via private consults or even just to get a quick question answered. Sheila is a long time Connecticut resident, a mom with two children, and is impassioned in her work improving the lives of others.

romyRomy Faith Ganser, BSBusiness Manager of Health Coaching Services. Romy is another of our graduates from the New York Institute for Integrative Nutrition, as a Holistic Health Coach.  Romy also holds certifications as a Yoga and Reiki Practitioner.  With these credentials, Romy has gained experience in patient advocacy, one on one and group counseling, and health education presentations. Romy has maintained her own health coaching practice for several years prior to joining EHM. Her passion has long been to share her knowledge of the body’s innate and robust ability to heal itself.  By aiding clients to better understand their physical, mental, and/or spiritual needs, she works with them to find their individual, optimal health. After graduating from Johnson and Wales University with a BS in Hospitality Management, she went on to spend three decades in the service industry, starting in food and hotel services, and then moving on to conference, event and trade show planning.  Her skills of interpersonal communication, time management and marketing, along with her thorough understanding of healthy food preparation and overall health education background, form a perfect foundation for Romy’s position as our Business Manager of Health Coaching Services. Romy holds memberships in several professional organizations, including her local Chamber of Commerce, the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.



Joe Romano BS, CPT, CNC – serves as our Client Fitness Program Coordinator.  Many employers are now searching for ways to incorporate physical activity for their employees. As one of our optional features, Joe and his team can create individualized programs within a client’s campus, to be carried out and monitored by a client assigned staff member. Joe has immersed himself in the study of fitness science. After a decade of experience working in corporate gym settings, he went on to create the MoJoe’s Gym brand.  Joe’s group has been eminently successful in helping those in the many communities they serve.  The first requirement to earn a trainer position under his brand is a passion for helping others.  Along with the credentials that his staff initially bring with them, they are trained by Joe for three to six months prior to starting with their first client.  Programs they bring to our clients include the importance of physical activity at all stages of life, the basic principles of sound eating habits, permanent and safe weight loss, postural reconditioning and corrective exercise techniques, just to name a few.  “Your body consists of three major types of tissue: fat, muscle and bone.  With proper guidance, you change your body composition by losing fat, while gaining muscle and keeping your joints, tendons and ligaments healthy in the process.  If you take your time and do it right, you’ll have lasting results that improve your quality of life in noticeable fashion.  I see this process as a marathon, not a sprint.  My mission is to get you there the right way: safely.  You only have one body, treat it right!”  Joe Romano

“I have worked with a number of trainers in my lifetime. By comparison, I am deeply impressed by the all-encompassing knowledge of the human body I see in Joe and each member of his team.  In recommending his unique skills to others, I have often compared his mastery to a business acquaintance of mine who was the strength and conditioning coach for one of the original NFL teams – high praise indeed for his unique brand of training, and well earned.” Dennis Bollier, Founder – Employee Health Matters



Herb Bagwell, BA – Kyoshi (Master Teacher) Herb Bagwell offers our client companies an optional, one hour program entitled “The Five Things to Know for One’s Self Defense”.  In the event of a potentially tragic incident, this hour learning experience can be the most important, life saving hour for any employee.  Kyoshi Bagwell earned his Bachelors Degree in Communication at the University of New Haven.  In both High School and College, he excelled in baseball, track and field, and football, later having football tryouts with the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots.  He is a former two-time Natural Bodybuilding Champion.  Having spent much of his adult life in the field of Martial Arts, he is now the Owner and Chief Instructor of Bagwell Academy of Martial Arts, LLC in Milford, CT.  With competition and perfection in his DNA, he went on to become a Five-Time Kick Boxer Champion, and a Forms and Weapons Champion.  He has earned two Black Belts (Tae Kwon Do 5th Degree, and Shaolin Kempo Karate 9th Degree).  He is also a Five Time Point Fighting Karate Champion.  He has been honored with the prestigious Master of Kempo Kung-Fu, and was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as a unanimous, first ballot inductee.  In addition to all these accomplishments, Kyoshi Bagwell is a Master Cardio-Kick Aerobics Instructor.  In his spare time he has been licensed as a NASCAR Driver, has done some modeling, and has had acting parts on All My Children, Law and Order and The Cosby Show. He enjoys writing, and is an active member in his church.  His optional one hour workshop for EHM clients covers the five most important things to know should trouble happen. This is particularly valuable for female employees should they be confronted by an assailant. Kyoshi Bagwell is a Connecticut native, and is proud father of three children, the older two both holding black belts, and have progressed impressively in the competitive world of Martial Arts.  We are proud to have him on our team at EHM.


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