Employee Health Matters, LLC

Correlating Family Health and the Profit Equation

Employee Health Matters, LLC is a Connecticut-based Wellness Solutions Company offering local representation, nimble enough to create truly unique and individualized programs for Employee Health Benefits.

Our Wellness Strategies are customized to the corporate culture of each client, and are designed to address their needs in the following areas:

  • Reducing the costs of health care benefits
  • Lessening absenteeism
  • Improving job presence and workplace productivity
  • Elevating employee morale and thereby increasing employee value
  • Heightening on-the-job focus, energy and vitality
  • Elevating our client company as the “Employer of Choice”

Employee Health has long been an unrecognized component of bottom line profits. Our project was birthed by the perfect storm now under way in municipalities and the private sector: the effects of a lagging economy and rapidly rising cost of health benefits. These two negative influences, compounding on each other, are sabotaging budgets and profits with no end in sight, leaving many employers searching for answers.

Employee Health Benefits

A creative and proactive approach to lessen this strain for employers, with the intent to create its own profit, formed the genesis of Employee Health Matters, LLC.

The founder of EHM, Dennis Bollier, set out to solve the math in adding Employee Health into the Profit Equation.

We help our client companies to develop new ways of thinking in regards to employee health. These changed perspectives then evolve into efforts that generate a continuum of new found profits.”

“By implementing simple, sensible and inexpensive workforce concepts, rooted in improved employee and family health, we help employers reduce costs, and thereby discover newfound financial resources. Once in place, these new concepts pay back year after year, and can become our client’s best new weapons against competition. Furthermore, once momentum is gained, new employees will more naturally gravitate toward this refreshing lifestyle of wellness for themselves and their own families. Finally, our work results in our clients freeing up funds that were otherwise lost to health benefit costs, and these savings can then be redirected to more productive efforts.

Employee Health Matters, LLC changes the way companies react to employee health, and enables them to make a profit off it.”