Creating ongoing cost savings for employers through meaningful employee and family health education programs.

Small and mid-sized companies and municipalities continue to miss a key, underutilized strategy to reduce health care costs: improving employee and family health. This small investment tactic is already paying huge dividends to successful, proactive companies. The return on investment then begins a cost-saving continuum that extends long into the future. Ready to start saving wisely?


Employee Health Matters, LLC is a Veteran Owned Company. We are a team of practitioners, educators and counseling associates with decades of experience in health care, wellness, writing, research and teaching. Through our knowledge and expertise, we bring you unique programs to improve the health of your business and its families.

Why Our Work Should be Explored

An article in Forbes from a 2019 Harvard Business School study stated...
“When Safeway, the nation’s second-largest supermarket chain found health care costs rising at 10% annually, their former CEO Steve Burd wrote “70% of health care costs are driven by people’s behaviors. If we could influence the behavior of our workforce, we could have a material effect on health care costs.” After a lifestyle modification program showed impressive results, he reported “I can’t think of a single negative in doing this.”