Why focus on family health instead of only the health of each employee?

Covering an average family of 3.6 members accounts for nearly 3 times the cost for a single employee, and thereby more critically impacts the growing strain of health benefit costs.

EHM’s Health and Wellness Programs have been created to filter back into the employees’ home environment, and are designed to reduce overall family health claims. An ancillary saving here is that healthier dependents result in fewer employee absences used to care for family members.

For a relatively small investment per program attendee, our outcomes-based solutions are designed to create both short and long-term financial relief for our client companies. Establishing healthier lifestyles for employee and dependents then results in ongoing savings, year after year, beginning a significant ROI now being seen by many employers, and is evidenced in numerous published studies.


Supporting Employers with our innovative menu of programs to either Improve their existing program outcomes, or to customize family lifestyle programs from the ground up, with the goal of reducing health care costs.

Phase 1: We begin with a 75-minute educational workshop focused on employee and family health.

Phase 2: We work to ensure this new knowledge from our workshops is implemented correctly. This is done with careful attention to attendee compliance in order to realize better outcomes. We establish a continuum with each employee participant using several methods:

  • Optional, regular, and individualized support face-to-face and by telephone
  • Program updates with outcomes-based wellness information and action items
  • Valuable content for a Wellness Corner section of existing company newsletters
  • Interdepartmental competitions with prize awards celebrations
  • Quantifiable progress and outcomes tracking for each client



The key to creating a successful program is working with an employer who understands that one cannot implore nor will workers into healthier lifestyle choices. The buy-in must come from the top down and be embraced via an environment of Employer Acceptance. That’s when the magic happens, and the savings begin. Successful, forward thinking companies are already on board and are now enjoying the following outcomes that have produced handsome returns on investment:

Reduction of absenteeism
Improving job presence and alertness
Improved on-the-job focus and energy
Increasing productivity of a robust workforce
Improved morale
Positioning the company as the Employer of Choice
Reduction of long term health care costs for the employer
Redirecting new savings into profit-generating actions