COVID 19 – One Man’s Thoughts

I’m writing here to reflect on the many ways COVID-19 has fundamentally altered our culture, and what these changes will mean going forward. In the example of our most recent national crisis, 911, many strengths which have always part of our moral fiber rose to the surface. And now, I see some of these same great qualities our nation has been known for are showing themselves once again.

Many in the clergy have said our family ties have been strengthened. Whole families are watching religious services together. We are finding so many enriching ways of coming together in our homes. We appreciate our loved ones more now. Some say we’ve deepened the love for one another, both family and friends. For those in our citizenry who’ve been affected much more gravely than others, we’re now seeing acts of kindness in support of them everywhere we look. Our clergy, our ever faithful first responders, and our rock-solid military have been, are now, and will always be there for us without regard to the challenge. Volunteer groups are cropping up everywhere to help others out. And how can we, in any way, quantify the incredible sacrifices our doctors and nurses are so willing to contribute? Their determination to help, in many cases going without sleep for several days, is a demonstration of almost unimaginable strength.

Let’s not take any of these angels for granted. Rather, let’s say a word of thanks when they cross our paths. After all, where would we be without them? When this global crisis concludes, my fervent wish is for us all to set aside a quiet, private moment in each of our days going forward to remember these times of strife, just as we have done all these many years after 911. That moment abruptly disturbed our peaceful history, and now so has this present crisis. I will always offer a smile, a quick hello, and more importantly, a thank you to these angels. I hope you will, too.

Dennis Bollier, Founder Employee Health Matters, LLC